Wagtail Recipes and How To’s

Just as a point of note, this is not a page about cooking actual Wagtail birds, rather examples for building sites with the Django CMS Wagtail.


Wagtail and Azure Storage using django-storages
How to stop users accidentally leaving a Wagtail edit page with JQuery
Upgrading Wagtail to use Django 1.7 locally using vagrant
Outputing JSON for a model with properties and db fields in Wagtail/Django
Bi-lingual website using Wagtail CMS
Add some blockquote buttons to Wagtail CMS’ WYSIWYG Editor
Adding Bread Crumbs to the front end in Wagtail CMS
Using CAS authentication with Wagtail
GraphQL Examples
Azure Storage and Wagtail


Some Wagtail V1 Streamfield examples
More StreamField Examples – Top news stories block by tag
Parallax Background Image Block for Wagtail’s StreamField
A list of Wagtail’s Streamfield Icons
Adding a Twitter Widget for Wagtail’s new StreamField