Parallax Background Image Block for Wagtail’s StreamField

Another custom block idea for Streamfield, to go with the ones described in a previous post

I will also refer to some code in the previous post too, to save repeating code here.

This block definition and block template allow you to add a column with a background image in the parallax style and allows you to set some adjustments like text align, image alignment etc.

Firstly here is the block class, based on a StructBlock. Basically some choice block fields and a StreamBlock so you can nest headers and text within it.

    ('left', "Left"),
    ('right', "Right"),
    ('center', "Centre"),

    ('auto', "Auto"),
    ('cover', "Cover"),
    ('50%', "Small"),
    ('200%', "Large"),

    ('10%', "10%"),
    ('20%', "20%"),
    ('30%', "30%"),
    ('40%', "40%"),
    ('50%', "50%"),
    ('60%', "60%"),
    ('70%', "70%"),
    ('80%', "80%"),
    ('90%', "90%"),
    ('100%', "100%"),

class OneColumnBlock(blocks.StructBlock):

    back_image = ImageChooserBlock()
    background_size = blocks.ChoiceBlock(choices=SIZE_CHOICES,default="auto")
    background_x_position = blocks.ChoiceBlock(choices=PERCENT_CHOICES,default="50%")
    background_y_position = blocks.ChoiceBlock(choices=PERCENT_CHOICES,default="50%")
    text_align = blocks.ChoiceBlock(choices=ALIGN_CHOICES,default="center")
    one_column = blocks.StreamBlock([
           ('heading', blocks.CharBlock(classname="full title")),
           ('paragraph', blocks.RichTextBlock()),
        ], icon='arrow-left', label='Parallax content')

    class Meta:
        template = 'yourapp/blocks/one_column_block.html'
        icon = 'placeholder'
        label = 'Parallax Column'

Obviously you’ll need to add this as an allowed block to your StreamField in your model, see the previous post (link above)

Then the block template code to render it:

{% load wagtailimages_tags block_tags %}

{% image self.back_image width-2000 as back_photo %}

{% timestamp as id_prefix %}


.parallax{{ id_prefix }} {
 height: 50vh;

 background-attachment: fixed;
 background-size:{{ self.background_size }};
 background-position: {{ self.background_x_position }} {{ self.background_y_position }};

<div class="parallax{{ id_prefix }}" style="background-image: url({{ back_photo.url }});">

 <div style="text-align:{{ self.text_align }};padding:15px;">

 {% include "yourapp/includes/sf_blocks.html" with blocks=self.one_column only %}



The block_tags and include for sf_blocks (above) are explained here in ‘Some Wagtail V1 StreamField Examples

The CSS could be applied via an ID rather than class which would make sense, but I’ve done it as a class with an added millisecond timestamp, to allow more than one of these block per page.

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