HTML5 Game Experiment

stc1I thought I would have a go at making a simple game using HTML5 and Javascript, also used the rendering engine pixi.js. The game is called ‘stab the crab’, it’s very simple but I just wanted to dip my toes in and have a go. It works on Desktop best in IE9/Chrome, bit slow in Firefox. Also works well on mobile in Safari/Chrome on the iPhone, and most Android browsers I’ve tried (though not all the sound works on mobile, as there isn’t a full implementation of HTML5). It was fun to make, I got to improve my Javascript skills a bit, and made some graphics which I hadn’t done for a while. Thanks to Chris from my band for providing the funny voices! – Play it here.

stc2My next step is to get it working inside an Android and iOS app. First experiments with Android using a webView have proved to be not viable, it works but no sound, and runs way too slow. Apparently this is a problem with webView implementation and Javascript engines. Currently looking in to using CocoonJS to compile the HTML5 app for Android and iOs but there seem to be problems with pixi.js and CocoonJS working together.

I’m really keen on getting HTML5 interactive content to work in mobiles apps, as this will mean developing once but then utilizing across Desktop, phones and tablets.

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